Africamera Lithops and other obscure plants

Africamera Lithops

... and other obscure plants

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"Livingstones, I presume"
Welcome all, to my page of little stone-like plants and various other interesting and obscure creations that I shall be attempting to grow.
Location: Gauteng, South Africa. Years experience: 0.3
Lithops Hallii var. Salieda seedlings. 5 Nov 2016 (so far so good, approx. 1 month old and still tiny)
What I have picked up so far:
  • E-bay sells cheap dodgy seeds, anything goes.
  • Silverhill seeds or other professional seed sites are a much better choice.
  • NB1: Mix well-draining substrate of river sand, perlite, fine gravel and just a little soil.
  • NB2: Seedlings up to about a year require fairly moist substrate, while adult plants must only be watered every few weeks / months or they will swell and burst.
  • Sprinkle seeds carefully onto substrate and perhaps sprinkle a little fine sand over, hardly covering them.
  • Water with fine mist spray from above, and put pot into a container of water to soak from the bottom, until substrate is moist through.
  • Leave in high light area, for me, north-facing window (southern hemisphere) without direct sun.
  • I started in October (spring) but apparently it is better to plant in March or April.
  • The seedlings started appearing a few days later, though some only emerged weeks later.
  • I have been keeping the soil moist with mist-spray twice a day and a weekly soaking from the bottom up.
  • Seedlings are now 4 weeks young and I have just put them outside under shade cloth (40% blockage factor, but folded double above the seeds to protect from hottest part of the day). Hopefully they get used to increased light levels and don't shrivel up.
Lithops Dorothea seedling. 15 Oct 2016 (approx. 2 weeks old and tiny).
Latest order:
  • Lithops helmutii var helmutii
  • Lithops lesliei ssp lesliei var stormsalbinigold
  • Lithops pseudotruncatella ssp groendrayensis
  • Lithops villetii ssp villetii

Previous order:
  • Conophytum minutum
  • Conophytum uviforme
  • Didymaotus lapidiformis
  • Lithops doretheae
  • Lithops hallii var salicola
  • Lithops hookeri mixed forms
Nicely packaged seeds from Silverhill seeds, arrived eventually.
Conophytum uviforme seedlings. 5 Nov 2016 (approx. 4 weeks old and really tiny).
Conophytum uviforme seedlings close-up. 5 Nov 2016 (approx. 4 weeks old and surprisingly bigger thanks to optical magnification).
My choice potting materials for seeds and probably adults too...

Substrate must have good drainage facilities.
Secret formula for substrate:
  • 2 parts river sand
  • 2 parts perlite
  • 1 part bonsai gravel
  • 1 part cactus soil mix
  • 1/2 part filter coffee grounds (helps the Lithops stay awake)
  • 1/2 part carbon (fish pond filter) pieces (anti-fungal idea)
  • small handful of diamonds (optional)

Conophytum minutum leaves emerging. 15 Dec 2016

Leslii January 2017

Helmutti January 2017

Unknown speciman emerging.... January 2017. Update: It is a Haworthia Truncata var. Truncata

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